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You’ve watched countless of online tutorials and tried them for yourself, but still aren’t getting to the rank you want? That’s because online guides aren’t personalized. Dojo's personalized feedback tells you exactly how to improve, and where to use your new skills. Start playing better as soon as your next match.


Never lose a 1v1 again! Perfect your aim, movement, and other skills with proven step-by-step guides, tailored based on your gameplay.

Game Sense

You’ll need more than good aim to win. Our experts train your gamer instinct so you’re always ready for how your enemies react.


Valorant is a team game, with unlimited agent + map combinations. Play better with your team as your favourite agents, in any map, using winning tactics made just for you.

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Record any match using your favourite screen recorder, and upload it to Dojo. We’ll take care of the rest.


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Our verified top-tier Valorant experts give you feedback, tailored to your skills and goals, that you can use as soon as your next match.


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Experience more wins, wherever you are in your gamer journey. Dojo is always fast, easy, and accessible to all Valorant players.

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Meet Our Experts

Our experts are top-tier Valorant players who have been screened by us, to ensure the feedback you get is of high quality and easy to use.


Dee - Master Controller


Trained a team to top 3 in the nation;
Peaked Radiant #391 with 480 RR;
More than 1000 hours as a controller;
Consistently top 3000 player in NA.


EJay - Aim Expert

9x Immortal

Above 30% headshot percentage;
9x Immortal as a Solo Queue with >200RR;
Sheriff-only climb from Iron to Diamond;
Judge-only climb to Diamond.


PratO - FPS Veteran


Valorant since beta & CS:GO for over 5 years;
Peaked Radiant & won tournaments;
Trained over 500 players, across Iron to Radiant and professional teams.